Four humans of the male persuasion — for sale, cheap.

Some days, you shouldn’t even get out of bed.  Here’s my last 24 hours:

1) The discovery that some of the kids’ friends have been downloading profanity-laden “comedy” videos on Youtube. They also broke one of the video game chairs, as well as messing with and nearly destroying a $3,000 electric guitar (you guitar lovers can breathe easy — it was fine, Hubs tuned and rescued it).

2) Had to take $5 from Hub’s wallet to pay for school lunch for Youngest, who managed to spend all morning watching nasty videos on Youtube instead of making lunch. Youngest had granola bar with chocolate chips in car for breakfast. Feel like failure as a mother. This feeling not helped by Hub’s tendency to yell at kids for exact same thing I just scolded them about.

3) Spent an hour unpicking crotch seam from jeans. Spent the rest of the day not sewing because I was busy cleaning up after everyone else, including Hubs who worked from home today. Am well aware that H. can and will pick up after himself if food and utensils are left long enough, but find myself unwilling to start a science project at this time.

4) School called to tell us Oldest lost his phone. Ask Oldest about it when I pick him up. He had no clue it had fallen out of his backpack. Sent him to office to pick up said phone. Contemplate, not for the first time, the likelihood that he is our brightest child.  As a result, reach entirely reasonable conclusion that I will be eating cat food and scrounging in the garbage in my old age. Hubs suggests taking away phone for one week, and am forced to point out that this is both draconian (for a first offense) and will punish US rather than Oldest, since there is only one week of school left. Receive distinct impression that H. thinks I am a wimp.

At least I can leave you with pictures of the world’s cutest sleeper:

Gratuitous cat p*rn



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  1. Profanity-laden humor got me through high school. Just sayin’.

    I have one son and another on the way. Then we’re done procreating. 4 of them? Wow.

    • I wouldn’t object to it so much, except Youngest is 6 and still has the tendency to repeat everything he hears. I think it’s kind of hilarious but Hubs breaks out in cold sweats because this has gotten us in trouble before. Personally, I can’t wait until they’re all in double digits and I can drop the f (and s, m, a, b, etc) bomb without adding, “And don’t talk like your mother.”

      We’ve only got 3 of ’em, I count Hubs as 4 when I want to be generally cranky. I love my kids but some days I don’t know what we were thinking either. At least the cats are girls, but then the lizards are boys so it doesn’t really even out.

  2. We should run away from home. Eventually, when the dishes are piled up a mile high and there’s nothing to eat in the fridge and every piece of furniture is beat into a stub, our families will beg for us to return. But not before we set some ground rules. #1 being “Worship us like the queens we are.”

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