I’ll Be Cool When I’m Dead.

I’ve never been cool.  I’ve never even been hip, with it, or remotely up-to-date.  The closest I ever came was in high school, when I took drama for a semester.  Our drama teacher played favorites and everyone knew it, and once during a “free monologue,” I let him have it with both barrels.  I point blank told him that he chose people for their looks over people with actual talent.  In case, you’re wondering, I got an A- in the class (I’m choosing to believe that the minus was due to my timidity).  That’s not the cool part.  The cool part was at the end of the year, when one of the punk girls in the class signed my yearbook:

“You would totally be my hero, except that Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols just HAS to be.”

And I can’t argue with her.  Nobody holds a candle to Sid Vicious.

ANYWAY, this brings me back to my sewing or lack thereof.  One of the reasons I started sewing was because I wanted goth/punk clothes that didn’t look like everybody else’s.  Also because I didn’t want to jingle when I walked or show my underwear when I sat down (see what I mean about uncool?).  However, the older I get, the less I want to wear tiered Lolita-style skirts.  So I’m working on my general wardrobe for this summer:

Built by Wendy 3692 and 4110



I’m thinking about doing a few tops from Built by Wendy Simplicity 3692, either in solid knits or with a solid yoke and patterned body.


I’m also considering the carpenter jeans from Simplicity 4110, but I would leave out some of the carpenter details because I find them annoying.  Also, I would want fabric in very dark denim or black for this.



Simplicity 0462 (2258) and 2190



Simplicity 0462 (2258) and 2190 are much more up to date and timely than most of the patterns I buy.  Which means they aren’t much good for the type of looks I’m usually trying to achieve, but I think I’d like to branch out a bit.  I’m considering another skirt in S 2258 and the knit tunic with shoulder cut-outs in 2190.  Also, I might like the flippy skirt in 2190 but only if I can find a good lightweight knit or voile for that.



Clockwise from top left: New Look 6899, Simplicity 3796, NL 6854 and NL 6083


Tentative plans for these patterns:

New Look 6899 — Semi-circle, knee length rockabilly skirt

Simplicity 3796 — camo style elastic-waist skirt and/or shorts

New Look 6854 — Basic A-line in black with punk patches

New Look 6083 — denim-style skirt in black or punk/goth prints


I still won’t be cool, but at least I can be aggressively myself.  And everyone really is cooler when they’re dead, anyway.  Literally.



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