Muslin Monday – The Short Story

You know how people say that if you put an infinite number of monkeys together in a room with an infinite number of typewriters, they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare? Well, I’m not sure about Shakespeare, but I remain convinced they are responsible for some of the romance novels I’ve read. I’m also inclined to blame them for some of the patterns I’ve sewn. How else do you explain a yoke that doesn’t line up with its skirt other than it was drafted by chimpanzees?

So. My experiment last week with adjusting the rise of shorts was both a success and a failure. A success because I was able to adjust the rise to something more comfortable for me. A failure because the result wasn’t something I would wear. Correction — the result wasn’t something I would wear OUT OF THE HOUSE. I sewed New Look 6975, View B, in a size 10. I am somewhere between a size 12 and 14 going by the measurements, yet a size 10 was too big. Huge. I actually took in the side seams by 3/4″ and put darts in the back, and it was still ridiculously large.  You can see for yourself:

Sorry about the bathroom mirror smudges.

The stiff sateen and the excess fabric are causing a ton of wrinkling at the crotch.  I admit to having both a booty and muscular legs, but these shorts make me look a billion times bigger than I actually am. I also ran into problems with the pockets.  Drafted by chimpanzees, I tell you.

On the plus side, I did figure out that 1) these rise adjustments are in fact necessary for me and 2) a little goes a long way.  I had to cut down the top of the shorts by 1/2″ to avoid having them come up higher than I wanted.

See how level that waistband is?!?

You can see a positive difference in this photo of me from the side.  Normally the back waistband would be lower than the front and pulling downward.  In this case, the back and front are relatively level and there was no discomfort in the crotch.  The legs are slanted too high in the front because of the pulling at the forward crotch line.

I won’t use this pattern again, even for pajamas — there are better elastic-waist patterns out there.  Although it might look slightly better in something lightweight like seersucker, the front rise in this pattern is simply too long for me.

I’m currently enjoying Star Trek Voyager’s third season and kicking myself for not including this man in my sci fi hotties list:

Robert Beltran, I wish I knew how to quit you.



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  1. but only if he leaves those tattoos on… without them, not so much!

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