Bend Over, I’ll Drive

I spent a lot of time as a youngster (way too much, actually) trying to figure out the logistics of this song. He’s sitting in back?  She’s bending over? Are her feet on the brakes/gas with him steering?  Does he mean they have the driver’s seat back? HOW THE EFF do you drive a car that way?

NEVER MIND.  One of the delights of The Cramps is how they sound so perfectly naughty while making absolutely NO sense. By the way, I’m pretty sure that the reason Lux has so much black muck on his arms/torso during part of this video is because he was rolling around on stage.  Those places are filthy.  And now that I’ve permanently cured you of any desire to roll on a stage, here they are, ladies and gentlemen, The Cramps!  Lyrics below the video:


The Cramps, “Bend Over, I’ll Drive

I like to sit in back, watch out for cops

Play with baby’s hair, play with baby’s top

And when she gets tired that way, I whisper in her ear an’ say

Bend over, I’ll drive

Bend over, I’ll drive

Is this the way Jayne Mansfield died?

Bend over, I’ll drive

Now, I was born in a test tube

But Daddy tried it this way too

Mama stripped his gears ‘fore the light turned red

When she heard what that shiftless, no-count said

He said

Bend over, I’ll drive

Now, as I was sayin’ before I quit

If you’re lookin’ for thrills baby, this is it

Even the Queen o’ Sweden

Sometimes is needin’ some yuks

So if you’re on the prowl

For a night to howl, just duck!


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