This is what I look like when I look bad-ass.

I was trying to take my picture in the bathroom mirror again. Hence the headless shot. I really don't walk around without my upper torso very often.

I mentioned that I sewed myself some New Look 6354, View F last week.  I used a knit, which meant that I had to size down to an 8 from my usual 12, then I cut down the waistband to use 1.25″ elastic rather than 2″ elastic.  This worked out really, really well.  I ended up with two cute, simple skirts, one of which is at right.  I didn’t line up the harlequin print at the seams very well, but I promise it doesn’t look that wonky in real life.  I was bending awkwardly at the waist to take the picture.

This is a nice, relatively dense sweater knit which means it’s also clingy.  I put a slip on underneath to prevent it from riding up.  I also had to change slips, because I originally put on a 14.5″ slip which is way too frakking short.  After a couple of hours of sewing and running around and wondering why my slip kept riding up…..I got smart and switched it for my 16″ slip.  And now I’m wondering why I have a miniskirt slip.

As for the sewing, I’m still working on the shorts I mentioned in the last post.  The changes I made to the pattern seem to have worked out okay, but now both the front and the back rise are a tad bit too long.  I think I’ll have to cut them down a bit before attaching the waistband.  I’m also contemplating adding some darts to the back because even with the elastic waistband, they’re a bit large.

Yes, for those of you who have been wondering, I stomp around in Doc Martens practically every day.  I have a bad habit of turning my ankles, and an equally bad habit of jogging.  These boots protect my feet and ankles from the rest of me.

Also, I now have Talis Kimberley’s song “Harlequin Skirts” stuck in my head.


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  1. The turning of the ankles thing is why I wear Chucks a lot more than a woman my age probably should!

  2. Doc Martins MAKE that outfit! if you put on a pair of ballet flats you would look silly and you would have a twisted Ankle! Now if I wore that outfit my thighs would catch fire!

    • Thanks! I do have ballet flats, but I only wear them when I’m not going to be walking much. As for the thighs catching fire, the sweater knit is warm but not THAT warm. You could always wear a pair of pettipants under skirts — do they still make pettipants? Like a slip, but in the form of shorts? I haven’t seen any since I was a kid. Hmm…now I think I want to make some pettipants. They’d be a lot more comfortable than a slip, and cooler than bike shorts in the summer.

  3. Seriously, this is the perfect pairing. You bad-ass, you.

  4. I have to agree that the Doc Martens make the outfit, although the rest of the outfit IS very nice. I am not a sewer, so that doesn’t mean much, but it definitely looks very professional.

    Now if I can only get my daughter to start wearing stuff like this, instead of all that pink crap…

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