The Bird Sh*t Skirt — Finished! Also, Muslin Wednesday

Sorry for the headless image, but I didn't bother with hair/makeup today.

So after wrestling with the Bird Sh*t skirt for some time, I came to the realization that the poplin was too lightweight for a denim style skirt.  Instead, I made View C from New Look 6873.  It’s a basic semi-circle skirt with pockets (not really visible in the picture) and an 18″ length.  Although, I just measured my version and it’s 17.5″ in length.  I may have taken up a bit too much in the hem.  I can’t decide if the splatters look more like doo-doo or less so after having been sewn up.  It’s a comfortable skirt, either way, and I don’t have to worry about sitting in seagull crap on the beach.

Also, this is the sort of thing I wear to go shopping and run errands.  The vampire ice-cream cone on the shirt says, “I’m cold blooded!”  It’s sort of an inside joke because I’m always cold — like if I’m standing in a breeze in 80 degree weather, I’m cold.

This is the pattern I used, New Look 6873, View C is in the top right corner


New Look 6873 is pretty well drafted.  I own three copies of it, cut in sizes 10, 12 and 14.  Why so many sizes, you ask?  Well, my weight fluctuates like the Dow Jones and depending on where my waistline is this week, I like to wear my skirts a bit loose.  This particular version is a size 12, but I could have made a 10 since I put in 3/4″ seams at the sides rather than 5/8″.  I’m eager to make some shorts and will probably attempt one of the two versions in this pattern soon.

I mentioned with my denim post that I need to learn to put in a full seat alteration, right?  I also have been meaning to learn to shorten the front crotch length, since a lot of pants patterns have a perfectly ridiculous rise on me — too long in front, too short in back.  Well, now we’re hitting shorts weather and I decided I’d try to adapt a simple shorts pattern.  The pattern I am using is New Look 6975, view B.  I was going to make pajama shorts as a muslin, but the only scrap fabric I had laying around (aside from actual muslin) was some black stretch sateen.  So I’m using that, and adding a wide black knit waistband with 2″ wide elastic because I don’t see the point of non-pajama shorts with 1/2″ elastic.

New Look 6975, View B is in the center of the second row


I found a post online about how to shorten the front rise — cut almost to the side then overlap and tape.  Lengthening the back rise is the reverse of this process, you have to add in tissue paper.  I sort of winged it and these are the results:

Front of shorts. I took out about 2" in the crotch.





I’m not sure how well the shorts will come together, but I’m thinking of them as a possible wearable muslin.  I attempted to make pajama shorts with this pattern earlier and failed miserably because of said rise issues.  Even if they are not wearable after this adjustment, no harm no foul because the pattern wasn’t usable in it’s normal state anyhow.

Back of pattern before I trimmed the tissue. I added 1.5" to the back rise.




This should be an interesting experiment.  Hopefully, what I learn here will be applicable to future projects.  I’m a little concerned that I added too much in one chunk to the back — I should probably have split it between two 3/4″ slits instead of putting such a big gap in one place.  Oh well, live and learn.

By the way, am I the only person who ends up completely discombobulated by long weekends?  I never get anything done, and I wind up watching way too much TV.




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  1. OH!!!! That is what a pattern looks like… Well now!
    Can I get one of those things… you know… premade? That would make it so much easier!

  2. It would, wouldn’t it? I guess that’s why bespoke tailors cost so much!

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