Obviously, you want eye candy.

I was looking over my blog stats for the last week or so. Somewhat hilariously, a few people found me by googling mojo+jeans. I’m pretty sure I still have mojo but less certain that it’s related to my pants. Which I’m often not wearing.

What is NOT surprising is that lots of people found me by looking for Rhys Meyers — go back to the last Sci Fi Sunday if you want to know why. I’ve never thought he was very attractive (I do think he is a good actor), but clearly, people want male eye candy. So I thought I’d post a list of science fiction guys that I do think are deadly hot. There is not enough appreciation for these men as it is:

Ben Browder.  Definitely the best known and most popular guy on this list.  At his best in: Farscape, Stargate SG-1.

Steve Bacic.  As little known as he is, he actually won an award for being this hot.  At his best in: Andromeda, Flash Gordon, numerous bit parts in Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

Christopher Heyerdahl.  This Canadian actor suffers from doing some of his best roles while buried under a ton of makeup. When he takes it off, however…whoo!  At his best in:  Sanctuary, the Twilight series, Stargate Atlantis (he played Todd the wraith — yes, really!).

Kyle Schmid.  Another Canadian actor who’s been around for a while, dabbling in this and that.  At his best in: Blood Ties, which also stars the amazing Christina Cox.

Jonathon Young.  This actor does a lot more work on stage than on screen, making screenshots of him hard to come by.  At his best in:  Sanctuary, playing Nikola Tesla.

Louis Ferreira.  His portrayal of Colonel Young made it easy to empathize with a difficult-to-like character.  At his best in:  Stargate SGU.

Ok, I know I’ve forgotten YOUR favorite guy candy.  Go ahead and yell at me in the comments.


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  1. i’m about to go to bed. you just ensured that i will be having sweet dreams. thanks.

  2. WHERE is Jamie Bamba (“Apollo” from the new BSG)??? he is fine like cherry wine — and BSG is chock full of eye candy for the whole family! (spoken as someone who cried and vowed to stop watching — but didn’t — when Starbuck “died”).

    • I thought long and hard about putting someone from BSG here, but the honest truth is none of the guys made my personal “swoon” list. The girls on the other hand….

      Maybe we need a list for the girls. Hmm, this is giving me ideas.

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