Top Ten Things I’ve Learned About the Future From Watching Star Trek TNG, Voyager and Enterprise

10.  Everybody will wear polyester double knits.

9.  Annoying whiners will still be whining.  No, we’re not talking about you, Barclay.  Shut up.

8.  Resistance is never futile.

7.  Going to the doctor is a lot more enjoyable when they don’t actually have to touch you.

6.  Robots will be programmed with sexual abilities, but should not be allowed to name cats.

5.  People will have enough self control to leave the holodeck occasionally (why?).

4.  The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.  The Vulcan Science Directorate is wrong.

3.  For every universe, there is a mirror universe.  You will meet your twin.  They will probably be evil.

2.  You’re not dead until you’re dead in Sick Bay.

1.  The Prime Directive is all-important.  Except when it doesn’t work.  Or it’s inconvenient.  Or it just bugs you.  Or you’re in the Delta Quadrant.  Or they’re holding your people prisoner.  Or….


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  1. you forgot The Law of Evil Twins — when you meet your evil twin, if you are male, the twin will have a mustache. if you are female, the twin will be dressed really slutty. If YOU have a mustache and or/ are dressed sluttily, YOU may be the evil twin.

    • I guess I’ll have to watch for a mustache. I dress slutty all the time, so that one doesn’t help. You also forgot the other law of Mirror Universe Evil Twins — they will always be sleeping with the least suitable person.

  2. You are WRONG!
    Spot is a GREAT name for a cat.

  3. I always wanted to know why anyone was leaving that holodeck to do any work. This list is hilarious!

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