Not-So-Much-A-Muslin Monday

I wasn’t kidding last week when I said I might end up nekkid.  So today, I took it on myself to whip up a couple of new skirts.  I used this pattern:

Misses Pants

New Look 6354

I’ve sewn this pattern before with somewhat mixed success.  Because of the size difference between my waist and my hips, I always have to cut elastic waist patterns too large and they end up looking odd.  However, it suddenly came to me that this problem would be solved if I used knit fabric.  My first choice was View F, which is a knee-length A-line skirt with a lot of hip room.  I traced the pattern because I didn’t know how my experiment would work out — I ended up sizing down to an 8 from my usual 12, and I didn’t have enough 2″ elastic so I cut the waistband down to use 1.25″ and 1″ elastic, respectively.  I also didn’t bother to cut the waistband on the bias since it would stretch anyway.  The results were immensely gratifying.  I’ll probably try to whip up a couple more knit bottoms over the next day or so.

Currently watching Interview with the Vampire.  My God, there are SO many beautiful men in this movie….


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  1. is it weird that men wearing makeup — especially eye makeup a la Captain Jack Sparrow — are so alluring? Tom Cruise = meh. Tom Cruise WEARING BLUSH = yes, please!

    • I’m picturing the results if more men knew about this — every other guy walking around looking like the unfortunate makeup experiments I did when I was twelve. Or possibly like the dancers in the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video. Crap, now I’m gonna have nightmares.

      On the other hand, we might be able to transform some men for the better. I’m thinking makeover show — Drag Queen for the Dweeby Guy. Some of the creeps I went to high school with would be vastly improved by a pair of falsies. Eyelashes, bust, either way.

  2. Right?! So much hotness in one film. It’s more than I can possibly bear!

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