The Bird Sh*t Skirt

My best fabric sources are often online, most particularly Ebay where you can pick up designer mill ends for a song.  I recently scored some fabric from subculture brand Lip Service’s Polka Splats line.  I was pretty excited — I pictured a dress that looked something like this, except in black and white with splatters:

However, when the fabric arrived, it looked like this:
Which made me think of this:
Which is possibly the idea Lip Service had too, given the way they used the fabric in their collection.  I’m not sure where you wear this outfit except definitely NOT to feed the pigeons:

ANYWAY.  I have 3 yards of Polka Splats and I’m determined to use it.  With any luck, it will become this skirt:

I’m trying this pattern without a muslin because what the hell, I’ve got 3 yards.  In any case, what could be more punk rawk than a skirt with sh*t on it?

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  1. maybe you should use it to make a Tippi Hedron Halloween costume? I saw a girl with one last year and she had these HUGE fake birds stuck all over her head! LOVED it!

    • Until I hit Google looking for pictures from “The Birds,” I had NO idea that the Tippi Hedren Halloween costume was a thing. Apparently, it is. Unfortunately, I HATE “The Birds.” I remember watching it at a family party and at the end going, “WTF? Was that supposed to be scary? Where’s the end of the movie? What was the point of this? GAH.” Also, Hitchcock was apparently mean to his actresses and terrorized Hedren with the birds. Not all those screams are fake.

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