Banger pants DONE! I’m a sewing ninja.

The flash washed these out. They're a dark navy, like the other pic.

I’m done, I’m done!  I finished the pants over the weekend while watching Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (aww, Hugo Weaving is so adorable in that).  They did end up totally gangbanger pants, I have NO idea why the legs are so baggy.  It’s not even like I have toothpick legs.  McCalls has a lot to answer for.

Anyhow, I embraced the banger look and added a loop for the wallet chain.  Just in case I decide to….jingle when I walk?  Alert people that I’m carrying money?  Prevent myself from hunting birds, like a cat bell?  I have no idea.

So, I could take a week or two off now but it’s Muslin Monday and you all know what that means.

It means I’m going to Disney World!

No — it means I need to get off the computer and start my next project.


Posted on May 16, 2011, in MPB Jeans Sew-Along, my weird sense of humor, sewing. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Woot! They’re done! These may be another casualty of the randomly-large-amounts-of-ease thing in big-4 patterns? Glad you’re running with it ;).
    My daughter keeps her house-key on a big chain like that…

    • I thought about the ease too, but I sewed a size down from my usual and it fits pretty well except for the legs. I think this pattern may have been designed for a larger person, then graded down incorrectly. The leg size doesn’t seem disproportionate on people who aren’t cutting out the smallest size. Best thing about having it done is it gives me a blueprint to compare other patterns against, so I can see which ones will fit without having to do all the tedious tracing and muslins….

  2. So very awesome. Every lady needs some gangbanger pants. I hope the next picture you post of these babies has some chains hanging off the loops or maybe a bandana.

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