I see by your outfit you’re a gangsta…

I still need to attach carriers, hook and eyes, and finish the hems. Also, they look a little too blue because of my iPhone photo.

Ok, maybe not.  But I’m reaching the tail end of the MPB Sew-Along and a few things I’ve learned:

1) Gutermann topstitching thread is EVIL.  It shreds and tangles and chews on itself and in short, behaves like embroidery floss.  Also, they only give you 33 m per spool.  WTF Gutermann?  I bought 2 spools and now need a third to finish.

2) I didn’t trim down my waistband seam allowances enough and hence will need to use hooks and eyes rather than a button to finish.  My machine flat out refuses to do buttonholes in fabric over a certain thickness.  Duly noted for next time.

3) I still need a full seat adjustment.  I guess that’s in the works for another pair of pants.

4) These pants make me look totally gangsta.  I’m pretty sure that’s not the look McCall’s was going for (but maybe they were.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures sometimes if they’re yanking your chain).  The back pockets are low and the legs are extremely baggy.  It’s an interesting look.  I might even wear them outside and risk getting shot.


Posted on May 12, 2011, in MPB Jeans Sew-Along, my weird sense of humor, sewing. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Hmm, gangsta could be fun…

    I generally have to do my jeans buttonholes by hand as my machine hates them, too. I suck at hand buttonholes, but it’s only one, right?

    • Urgh. I’m a whiny baby when it comes to doing anything by hand, and this denim is pretty shreddy. I might have to practice some hand buttonholes for the next go-round, but I’m hoping I can coax my machine into playing nice.

  2. Nothing says genius more than making your own gangsta pants.

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