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This is what I’ve been watching this week — I’m working on several books but have been too busy to finish much. Anyway….Black Butler is a Japanese anime series that is available dubbed and with subtitles in the U.S. Ciel Phantomhive is a young man whose parents were killed in mysterious circumstances. He is being raised and nurtured by his butler, Sebastian, who is some kind of demon or otherworldly creature.  They regularly encounter supernatural and other threats, including a massive hound that is obviously inspired by the Hound of the Baskervilles, and a murderer that is essentially a retelling of Jack the Ripper. Ciel is supposed to be the main character, but Sebastian and the other household staff regularly steal the show. Black Butler is ostensibly set in Victorian times, although some aspects of the show are anachronistic.  This is an anime that would appeal heavily to the Gothic Lolita subculture — it is very definitely not for children, although it would be fine for teens.  The plotlines are less than clear and the stories struggle with continuity.  Recommended for those with an interest in Gothic and/or Lolita cultures; otherwise, don’t bother.


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