Damn the torpedoes — full speed ahead!

After the lackluster performance of yesterday’s muslin, I reevaluated M5392 against another pattern I had in my stash, M5142.  Let’s be frank here — the cover photography on M5142 is less than appealing.  However, when I laid the two patterns on top of each other, M5142 had some advantages:

1) Choice of straight mid-rise waistband or high curved waistband.  I prefer the mid-rise look but I think I can easily use the curved waistband on the lower waist.

2) Longer back rise and crotch length, but similarly short front rise.  I may still need to scoop out the front waist a bit but the change should be minimal.

3) Curved yoke, meaning I don’t have to take an acre out of the middle seam to get it to lay flat.

4) Legs appear to hang straight from the hip.  The pattern photo makes them look bootcut and maybe they are, but the relative lack of curvature means it will be much easier for me to take in the leg seam if they wind up too baggy.

The cons?  Well, they may end up being completely dowdy.  However, I am eager to get on with sewing and I don’t necessarily have a full bolt of denim laying around to do innumerable muslins.  Which means I’m going to cut out my pattern and fabric, and commence stitching soon!

Please note, this is how I make all challenging decisions — think, deliberate, test, then throw caution to the wind.  It seems to work…..mostly.


Posted on May 3, 2011, in MPB Jeans Sew-Along, sewing. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I like your method. Hope you have better luck this time!

  2. I look forward to seeing your jeans. I have 3 metres of denim and the Jalie jeans pattern on the corner of my dining-room table, but won’t get to it for a bit. I am still trying to perfect the fit on the Burda Ellen pants, as I need at least one pair of dressier pants, than another pair of jeans.

    • I wanted to try the Jalie jeans pattern but didn’t have time to order it. Some people in the sew-along are using it, so I hope I can see their pictures and get an idea if it would work for me. They’re supposed to be among the best patterns. Be sure and post a pic of yours whenever you get them finished!

  3. This makes me want to attempt sewing again….for the 73rd time. I once tried to make a pair of pajama pants. I messed up so many times and had to buy so much fabric that the finish product cost almost 80 dollars.

    You have skill. I am jealous. *sulk*

    • Ha, that’s how we all start out, with $80 pajama pants! Once you get past the concept that you will waste a lot of money in the learning process, it becomes a lot easier. I can now bang out skirts and do clothing repairs like nobody’s business. Of course, I now need to make jeans because we can’t let that learning process stop….

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