Simplicity 0462 (2258) — Done!

The Hubs took this picture while I tried not to look weird.

I got up early this morning to sew the last few stitches and hem my new skirt — Simplicity 0462, also available as 2258, View C.  I added several inches to the waistband to make it wider, so I could use 2″ elastic in it.  I also sewed the belt with a 1/8″ seam allowance to keep it from becoming too narrow for the wider waistband.  The fabric I used was a very smooth, stretchy and lightweight denim I got from the Los Angeles Fabric District some time ago.  I was originally going to make jeans with it, but realized the material would be way too flimsy for that.  It’s pretty much perfect for this skirt, although the belt added a bit of bulk along the waistline.

I think this looks much better with a wider waistband, and would recommend it with that caveat to advanced beginners.  This is a well-drafted pattern — I only ran into two hitches and both are matters of personal preference.  Like many Simplicity/New Look patterns,  it has a lot of ease, particularly considering that I wanted to make it with a stretch fabric.  I cut out my regular size but sewed 3/4″ seams to get the fit I wanted.  The belt is also weirdly long.  I ended up taking 2.5″ out from each side of the belt, and I could have shortened the wide, decorative part of the ties as well.  I probably will make this skirt again or one of the other views  — it’s a nice basic pattern, although I think I’ll make it without the ties next time.  I might experiment with using woven fabric for the body and  knit fabric with drawstring elastic for the waistband, since this style would lend itself to a more sporty look.


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