This is why I used to have friends.

I promise, I DID have friends…once upon a time.  Then I got a blog and lost my friends.  I’m actually pretty sure these two things are not related, mostly because my friends — oops, former friends — don’t know I have a blog.  At least, I don’t think they do.  Unless you’re one of them in which case, hello!  And can we do Starbucks soon?

Even the Hubs can’t find my blog, because he says the name I gave it was too long and hard to understand.  He also doesn’t understand why I can use “lazy” in the header but he can’t call me that.  The Force may be strong in this one, but the social skills are nonexistent.  ANYWAY, this song explains the blog name.  Sort of.  (lyrics below the video)

Subcultural Girl

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

psychobilly, hot babe, rude girl, new wave

punk chick, skin girl honey I’m your slave

I dig the way you do your hair

I love your attitude and the clothes you wear

No squares needed when you’re around

You seduce me with the smell of underground

My rockabilly pinup you’re so tough

I can’t get enough….

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

See you walking down the street ooolala

Deadly curves, nasty and bizarre

Ooh girl, you’re the one for me

I like what I see….

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

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