Sci Fi Sunday

Currently Reading:  Hard-boiled Urban Fantasy

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, Tom Sniegoski

Remy Chandler is an angel — not a fallen angel, but one who chose to leave Heaven.  The supernatural being as PI is a tired trope, and the Marlowe references are thick on the ground in this novel, the first in a series.  However, the protagonist and his allies are enjoyable and the action flows swiftly, making this a quick read.  There are also some novel concepts in the author’s depictions of angels and other religious beings.  Good, not stellar, but I found myself curious to follow up with the sequel, Dancing on the Head of a Pin.

Unshapely Things, Mark Del Franco

Connor Grey is a washed up Druid, working as a consultant to the Boston Police Department.  This first book in a series reminds me so much of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden — Connor loses power, gains it, loses it again, gets hired, gets fired, can’t seem to get the girl…  In spite of the similarities, Del Franco imbues Grey with his own character and some interesting allies, so the effect is less Dresden lite and more Dresden’s strange cousin in another city.  A good series for fans of urban fantasy/crime hybrids.

Currently Watching:

Sanctuary — Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne

This show on the SyFy Channel is now in it’s third season.  Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it — it’s been buried on Friday nights at 10 pm, after two hours of wrestling.  It moves to Mondays at 10 pm starting this Monday, April 25th, so hopefully the move will make the show more visible to potential fans.  The premise of Sanctuary is simple; there are mutants and other beings called “Abnormals” who live among humans.  In many cases, they can be dangerous but in others, humans are a danger to them.  Tapping plays a scientist who, gifted with long life and superior intelligence, has chosen to spend it helping these Abnormals.  Robin Dunne assists, and Christopher Heyerdahl, Ryan Robbins and Agam Darshi round out the supporting cast.  This show is par for the course for Tapping, who is known for playing the scientist Dr. Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1 and its’ spin-offs.  If you liked the original Stargate series, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy the wry humor and interaction between the cast members of Sanctuary.  This third season is the first one where they’ve shot a full season; the first, shorter season is available on Netflix.

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