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This is why I used to have friends.

I promise, I DID have friends…once upon a time.  Then I got a blog and lost my friends.  I’m actually pretty sure these two things are not related, mostly because my friends — oops, former friends — don’t know I have a blog.  At least, I don’t think they do.  Unless you’re one of them in which case, hello!  And can we do Starbucks soon?

Even the Hubs can’t find my blog, because he says the name I gave it was too long and hard to understand.  He also doesn’t understand why I can use “lazy” in the header but he can’t call me that.  The Force may be strong in this one, but the social skills are nonexistent.  ANYWAY, this song explains the blog name.  Sort of.  (lyrics below the video)

Subcultural Girl

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

psychobilly, hot babe, rude girl, new wave

punk chick, skin girl honey I’m your slave

I dig the way you do your hair

I love your attitude and the clothes you wear

No squares needed when you’re around

You seduce me with the smell of underground

My rockabilly pinup you’re so tough

I can’t get enough….

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

See you walking down the street ooolala

Deadly curves, nasty and bizarre

Ooh girl, you’re the one for me

I like what I see….

Subcultural girl, you shock my world

And another muslin

I’m hoping to join in with Peter’s jeans sew-a-long in May (go check out his blog at, he’s an inspiration!), so I thought I would cut out a bit of muslin today.  The plan is to use McCall’s M5392, now alas out of print, to recreate my favorite straight/skinny jeans.  I can find bootcut jeans with no problem but apparently, women are not supposed to have muscular calves so anything fitted below the knee is usually way too tight.  I have one pair of straight jeans that works and I’d like to recreate their look, since the fit is more flattering than truly skinny jeans.

The fabric I’m using is some heavy stretch twill (vaguely the same weight as denim) with a denim and studded print on it.  I picked it up in LA’s Fabric District for $1.50 per yard.  I had this idea of making an incredibly punk rock pair of pants — or possibly a skirt — with it, but the pattern has consistently defeated me.  It is getting used as a muslin and good riddance.

I apologize for the crappy iPhone photos, but it should be immediately obvious to all right-thinking people that this does not belong on a human body.

Clearly, there is a reason why this was $1.50, right?


Started work today on Simplicity 0462.  I cut out View C in dark stretch denim, and added a few inches at the waist because I want a wider waistband.  I also plan to sew the belt with a scant 1/4″ seam so it doesn’t end up weirdly small relative to the waistband.

Lila likes it when I cut things out. She thinks fabric and patterns are toys.

Some days, you just have to burn your peeps.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my mother-in-law.  She is the world’s best babysitter, an amazing cook, and I’d happily nominate her for sainthood.  However, she has very definite and shall we say, Midwestern ideas of how to celebrate certain holidays.  One of those ideas is that Easter must involve Peeps.

I am not a Peeps person.  I’m not even a marshmallow person, generally speaking, and Peeps bring out the worst in me.  They’re stale and overly sweet and the texture is nasty.  Nonetheless, every year, I get at least one Peep in my basket.  Sometimes two, if she’s being truly sadistic.

So tonight I laid out some graham crackers, broke off a couple pieces of chocolate bunny, speared a Peep on a butter knife and toasted it over the gas burner.  Then I did it again.  Easter S’mores — not perfect but infinitely better.

Muslin Monday….

Mondays are the day I try to catch up on the debris of the weekend.  Laundry, dishes and general mess get straightened out, and assorted chores take priority.  Which means it’s also a great day to catch up on sewing muslins, since it feels like giving myself a bit of a reward for handling all the drudgery.  I used to never make a muslin for my projects because I didn’t want to waste good sewing time, but after a number of failures (which often resulted in trashing favorite fabric), I started to consider them a profitable investment.  After all, most of us wouldn’t host a dinner party with an untested recipe, would we?  And no less an expert than Sandra Betzina, in her book Power Sewing Step-by-Step, states: “Never feel guilty about tossing a pattern.  Only 50 percent are worth making.  A pattern that doesn’t progress past a pretest doesn’t count as a failure.”  So there!  I’m now making pretests instead of wadders.

This morning, I pretested Simplicity 2258, View C — also available as Simplicity 0462.  Given the narrow hips, straight skirt, and wide waist (pretty much the opposite of my natural shape), I tested it in a 14 but had to take in enough on the sides that my usual size 12 should do.  However, being an active person who doesn’t really like being constrained by straight skirts, I think I will make it only in stretch fabrics — I have a stretch denim that is a bit too lightweight for the jeans I had originally planned, but should be a nice option for this skirt.  I also have a black stretch poplin that might actually round out a few outfits in my wardrobe.  I do plan to make the waistband a bit wider — 1.25″ elastic is hard to find, but I have some 2″ elastic in my notions drawer and most skirts I’ve seen in RTW with this general style have a wider waistband anyway.  I think I can make the belt work with the wider waistband if I assume a very scant seam allowance.  I hope to have pictures up later this week!

Currently Watching:

Star Trek Voyager, Season Two

Sci Fi Sunday

Currently Reading:  Hard-boiled Urban Fantasy

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, Tom Sniegoski

Remy Chandler is an angel — not a fallen angel, but one who chose to leave Heaven.  The supernatural being as PI is a tired trope, and the Marlowe references are thick on the ground in this novel, the first in a series.  However, the protagonist and his allies are enjoyable and the action flows swiftly, making this a quick read.  There are also some novel concepts in the author’s depictions of angels and other religious beings.  Good, not stellar, but I found myself curious to follow up with the sequel, Dancing on the Head of a Pin.

Unshapely Things, Mark Del Franco

Connor Grey is a washed up Druid, working as a consultant to the Boston Police Department.  This first book in a series reminds me so much of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden — Connor loses power, gains it, loses it again, gets hired, gets fired, can’t seem to get the girl…  In spite of the similarities, Del Franco imbues Grey with his own character and some interesting allies, so the effect is less Dresden lite and more Dresden’s strange cousin in another city.  A good series for fans of urban fantasy/crime hybrids.

Currently Watching:

Sanctuary — Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne

This show on the SyFy Channel is now in it’s third season.  Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it — it’s been buried on Friday nights at 10 pm, after two hours of wrestling.  It moves to Mondays at 10 pm starting this Monday, April 25th, so hopefully the move will make the show more visible to potential fans.  The premise of Sanctuary is simple; there are mutants and other beings called “Abnormals” who live among humans.  In many cases, they can be dangerous but in others, humans are a danger to them.  Tapping plays a scientist who, gifted with long life and superior intelligence, has chosen to spend it helping these Abnormals.  Robin Dunne assists, and Christopher Heyerdahl, Ryan Robbins and Agam Darshi round out the supporting cast.  This show is par for the course for Tapping, who is known for playing the scientist Dr. Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1 and its’ spin-offs.  If you liked the original Stargate series, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy the wry humor and interaction between the cast members of Sanctuary.  This third season is the first one where they’ve shot a full season; the first, shorter season is available on Netflix.